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Dwaine has a Bachelor of Science honors degree and is a full-time trader and investor. His passion for numbers and keen research & analytic ability has helped grow RecessionALERT into a company used by hundreds of hedge funds, brokerage firms and financial advisers around the world.
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Stresses are building up in the system

Download article as PDF Despite a steady rise in the SP-500 Index, clear and persistent financial stresses are starting to build up in the system. We construct a composite of the St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index, the Cleveland Financial Stress Index, the Kansas City Financial Stress Index and the Chicago Fed National Financial Conditions […]

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Valuation estimate of SP500 2015 returns : 2,246 target

Download article as PDF The RecessionALERT Valuation Index (RAVI) is a multifactor valuation model that examines cyclically adjusted trailing SP-500 earnings (various multi-decade horizons), the SP-500 total-return index level, total stock market capitalization, Gross Domestic Product, non-financial corporate equities and liabilities, non-financial corporate business net-worth and percentage of investors’ allocation to stocks versus cash and bonds […]

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Valuations not at nose-bleed levels yet

Download article as PDF The recent run in the major U.S stock indices has resulted in Shiller-PE charts being trotted out showing how far we are off the historical mean, implying a nasty pullback is in the works. The problem with a historical mean is that it is a single horizontal value on a chart […]

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Fingerprints of a short-term market top

Download article as PDF The SP-500 has rallied sharply since the 15th October bottom, recovering all her losses in a shorter time than it took to incur them. It was a very rare display of the opposite behavior to the norm where “the bull climbs the staircase and the bear comes down the elevator”, since […]

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“Baby” correction belies verocity of breadth sell-off

Download article as PDF The current stock market correction is diminutive in relative terms – hardly anything to sit up and take notice of. However an examination of underlying breadth deterioration reveals an astonishing plunge of the net new quarterly highs (the percentage of new quarterly highs less the percentage of new quarterly lows). This […]

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New improvements

Download article as PDF We have introduced three new improvements to the web site to enhance the user-experience; 1.Progress Loader Some of our pages, particularly the CHARTS page, can take some time to load due to the amount of historical data we allow you to view in the charts. If web site usage is heavy and/or […]

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Once in a year opportunity

Download article as PDF We have spend the better part of a decade in the search for the ultimate indicator for the stock markets. Whilst it became clear early on in this quest that no one  indicator would work all the time and every time, there are a few that stand out from the rest. […]

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Liquidity Crunch warning finally materialised

Download article as PDF Fifteen trading days after our Average Liquidity Index (ALI) issued a liquidity crunch warning, the SP-500 finally succumbed into a decent sized correction. The two short-term liquidity indexes, one of which is described in “The HI-LO Breadth Indexes for the SP-500” issued warning even sooner, as can be seen below: At […]

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SP-500 Liquidity Crunch Warning

Download article as PDF Losses on the SP-500 on Friday 11th saw all our measures of breadth-liquidity fall into contraction, warning of a highly vulnerable market subject to further liquidity tightness and raised volatility. To many of my staff that actively trade the SP-500, this is treated  as a bona fide correction warning. If you […]

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The HiLo Breadth Indexes for SP-500

Download article as PDF The HILO breadth index was developed  by RecessionALERT for detecting short and  medium-term SP-500 stock market peaks in advance. It deploys the following daily breadth data taken from the SP-500 index: New 13-week (quarterly) highs New 13-week (quarterly) lows New 52-week (annual) highs New 52-week (annual) lows The above data is […]

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Yellen’s Labor Dashboard suggests tightening in 2016

Download article as PDF Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen recently used her “jobs data dashboard”  to justify the Fed’s easy money policies and to argue there’s still considerable slack in the labor market  five years after the recession’s end. Seven of the nine gauges on  this dashboard have not recovered to levels reached before the last […]

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U.S future economic outlook improves

Download article as PDF The RecessionALERT monthly U.S Leading Growth Index (USMLI) is an index that attempts to capture  future (6-9 months) U.S economic growth. The index has been constructed since 1960, but this report only displays data from 2000 onwards to capture the last two recessions. The USMLI consist of  10 sub-components that are in […]

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Seasonality approaching its worst point

Download article as PDF We have entered the Mid-Term cycle in the Quadrennial Presidential Cycle, in which the months April through to September typically represent the worst SP-500 seasonal period for the entire 4 year cycle. The current cycle which commenced in 2012 has performed way above average so far, as shown below with the […]

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FED in the driving seat

Download article as PDF The chart below shows how the FED is firmly in the driving seat for the U.S stock markets through the monthly growth of their balance sheet, primarily through the purchase of U.S Treasuries and Mortgage Backed Securities. You can clearly see why talk of tapering sends shudders down everyone’s spine: It […]

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Labor Market flags U.S Recession on horizon

Download article as PDF Labor data last week surprised to the upside and pointed to an improvement in hiring and by implication the labor market. However, our leading Labor Market Growth Index, which tracks various diversified aspects of the general U.S labor market, experienced a sharp drop for the data representing the end of  October […]

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Things could get fun from here…

Download article as PDF At last, a decent pullback with a fat red candle on the SP-500. If the premise (see “Seven Paw-prints of the Bear“) is that we are in a well established bull market (we don’t care if its liquidity or economically fueled) then this could become a desperately needed “buy on the dip” […]

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Market Update 17/10/13 [PUBLIC]

Download article as PDF The political standoff associated with the debt ceiling and government shutdown has made its impact felt the last 3 weeks on the weekly leading data. Two out of the 5 main components of the WLInr are now firmly planted in recession warning territory with some 30% of all underlying 50 weekly […]

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Market Timing Strategies – putting it all together

Download article as PDF We offer a number of timing strategies for the SP-500 as described below: 1.Long-term investment models These are primarily focused on funds-grade long-term investing models such as the Recession Forecasting Ensemble (RFE) and the Composite Market Health Index (CMHI). These are high confidence, infrequent traders. They attempt to capture as much […]

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Zweig Breadth Thrust – The RecessionALERT Redux

Download article as PDF Martin  Zweig was an American stock investor, investment adviser, and financial analyst. According to Forbes Magazine, he was renowned for his “eccentric and lavish lifestyle” as well as having had the most expensive residence in the United States at the time, atop The Pierre on Fifth avenue in Manhattan.  He was […]

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World Economy Update – as at July 2013

Download article as PDF These are extracts compiled from our monthly World Economy Report that comes standard with a RecessionALERT annual subscription: It does not matter which way you look at it – the global economy has rebounded into growth territory from which surely could have been classified as a World Recession a few quarters […]

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