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Detecting tops of rapid SP500 advances

Since the bull market that commenced in 2009 there have been around 10 major rapid advances in the SP-500 that ended in not-insignificant market tops. In our ZOOM calls with clients over the last year, a lot of interest has been expressed in how to detect for preemptive warning signs of these major tops. By […]

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SP-500 and Recessions

We examined SP-500 behavior in the lead to and during US recessions a few years ago in an old research note (Recession – Just how much warning is useful anyway?) to conclude that more than 5-months warning before a recession was not constructive, and that you should focus on recession warning models that stuck to […]

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McClellan Liquidity Indices

This is a complete short, medium and long-term stock market liquidity risk-management tool derived from the McClellan Oscillator methodology applied to daily advancing and declining volume on the SP-500. It has been depicted as a daily updated chart for standard subscriptions for over 7 years now. Each day, we compute daily advancing volume (sum of […]

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Stresses are building up in the system

Despite a steady rise in the SP-500 Index, clear and persistent financial stresses are starting to build up in the system. We construct a composite of the St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index, the Cleveland Financial Stress Index, the Kansas City Financial Stress Index and the Chicago Fed National Financial Conditions Index as shown below: […]

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The Weekly SuperIndex Report & weekly data file will be skipped this week and the next publication will be  Monday  04 Sept 2023