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COVID-19 starting to look like a global pandemic

The newly reported cases of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China appear to be tapering off, but it is the recent uptick of newly reported cases outside China that have reached alarming levels, resulting in total cases accelerating to just under 100,000: The secondary round of infections, most likely from travelers from China before the largest […]

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Global Economy affects U.S stock market returns

The global economy is currently in the depths of a synchronized global business-cycle contraction, first highlighted by us in June 2018. In March 2019 we followed up with Global Economic Activity slowing at the fastest pace since 2011. The chart below highlights the Global Leading Economic Indicator together with the percentage of countries tracked that […]

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Global Slowdown – Does it affect the U.S?

There is no question that the Global Economy is languishing. Now, with weakness in US economic data starting to filter through, the big question that arises is if the U.S will be dragged down by the global economy. The U.S is a very insular economy and whilst there can be no doubt that global economic […]

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