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Revisiting an old favourite

Download article as PDF One can examine so many charts during the course of a bull market and only realize upon hindsight how effective some of them can sometimes be. This often happens with the breadth metric derived from the percentage of SP500 shares trading higher than their 50-day moving average. You can find this […]

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Once in a year opportunity

Download article as PDF We have spend the better part of a decade in the search for the ultimate indicator for the stock markets. Whilst it became clear early on in this quest that no one  indicator would work all the time and every time, there are a few that stand out from the rest. […]

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The HiLo Breadth Indexes for SP-500

Download article as PDF The HILO breadth index was developed  by RecessionALERT for detecting short and  medium-term SP-500 stock market peaks in advance. It deploys the following daily breadth data taken from the SP-500 index: New 13-week (quarterly) highs New 13-week (quarterly) lows New 52-week (annual) highs New 52-week (annual) lows The above data is […]

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