New improvements

We have introduced three new improvements to the web site to enhance the user-experience;

1.Progress Loader
Some of our pages, particularly the CHARTS page, can take some time to load due to the amount of historical data we allow you to view in the charts. If web site usage is heavy and/or the internet is very busy, this can sometimes lead to up to 10 second delays (US) or even 20 second delays (Asia) before pages are displayed on your screen. To keep you appraised of the loading process, and to also let you know that the pages are indeed loading and that the internet/website connection has not died on you, a red  progress counter will display on the center of  the page :

2. Intraday Breadth Snapshots
The 4 charts in the CHARTS>BREADTH group will update on the hour every hour, to reflect the intraday breadth status, commencing at 12pm EST each trading day. This offers a more timely manner to gauge certain market breadth signals rather than having to wait for the following day. Note that finalized breadth data for each day is published around 6PM EST.

3. Twitter Alerts
To overcome all the spam and/or reliability issues associated with email we have reverted to using a private Twitter account to post important alerts and updates. You can run a Twitter client on any mobile device or PC and receive instant alerts to these updates or you can even elect to setup your Twitter account to email you.  The private Twitter account is a one-way broadcast medium meaning it is used solely to broadcast alerts to subscribers who have elected to follow it. It is not used to converse or respond to subscriber queries. To receive these alerts you must first request to follow the feed by clicking the “follow” button at and also emailing with your email address and Twitter handle so we can tie your subscription to your Twitter handle. Once this is done, we will accept your follow request and you will be able to receive alerts as well as view past alerts:

On a final note, it is often clear from subscriber queries about particular charts that they are unaware that specific background information on each chart is available from the info button on the top right of each chart. Clicking on this button will reveal very detailed background, history and useage tips as well as linking back to more in-depth research papers on the chart being presented.

About RecessionALERT

Dwaine has a Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons) university degree majoring in computer science, math & statistics and is a full-time trader and investor. His passion for numbers and keen research & analytic ability has helped grow RecessionALERT into a company used by hundreds of hedge funds, brokerage firms and financial advisers around the world.

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