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SP-500 Probability Model (SPM) V1.0

Introduction NOTE : Subsequent to this research note, we also launched an SP-500 Probability Model that measured probability of market tops (peaks). The MARKET-TOP probability model uses the inverse logic of the MARKET-BOTTOM probability model discussed in this research note. In other words, we look at low volatility instead of high volatility from the VIX […]

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The SP-500 Great Trough Detector Project

The SP-500 Great Trough Project is a technique where we deploy market breadth to determine favorable points in time for investors to “buy on the dips” on the U.S stock markets, more specifically the SP-500. We make reference to a “Great Trough” as rare, large correction reversals on the SP-500, normally spawning a new bull-market leg, or at least […]

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