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Discovery Subscription

An opportunity to discover our services. Includes access to all features of the standard subscription, at a greatly reduced price for 12 months (1 year) only. In the spirit of discovery, the subscription is not applicable to existing or prior RecessionALERT clients within the last 2 years and is not renewable.

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Standard Subscription

For private investors, fund managers, financial advisers, research houses and financial institutions. Internal, single individual use. Includes access to PDF reports of all weekly, monthly and quarterly econometric models, market-timing charts, market breadth, market dashboards and emailed commentary. Sample of all reports

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PRO Subscription

Standard subscription PLUS phone or skype consultations to explain model use & interpretation or to expand on market alerts, commentary or research. PLUS weekly & monthly Excel history files of all econometric models with associated diffusions & vintages. PLUS emailed alerts & exclusive research. PLUS ProCharts.

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